Living Word Bible College COVID-19 Update:

09 November 2020

LWBC Current Situation:

Living Word Bible College and Seminary has no new cases of COVID-19 to report and there are currently zero active cases on campus. Any possible new cases will be announced upon request of the Manitoba Public Health Authorities.


LWBC’s proactive health guidelines, implemented by Manitoba Public Health, continue to be successful.


Living Word Bible College is continually in contact with the government of Manitoba to ensure and maintain our ongoing adherence to federal requirements. All students are required to follow LWBC’s health guidelines including self screening, wearing of masks when and where needed, and maintaining social distancing protocols. Our campus can accommodate 105 students allowing up to 50 students to live on campus while adhering to all government implemented requirements.


Testing Policies and Procedures:

Any student displaying symptoms will be required to self-isolate until receiving a positive test result and moving to our designated quarantine location for their 14-day self-isolation or upon receiving a negative test result as well as direction from their doctor to discontinue self-isolation or quarantine.

*Quarantine is a legal term used when someone is not sick. Once someone tests positive for COVID-19 they will need to self-isolate.  The contacts to the positive COVID patient would have to continue to quarantine while the COVID patient would have to self-isolate. *


Living Word Bible College has a designated self-isolation location for students who are either new/returning international students required to quarantine for 14 days or for students who are required to self-isolate due to a positive COVID-19 test result. These students will be in constant contact with LWBC staff via phone and/or email and will be given the option of online courses.


LWBC has created a COVID-19 readiness plan in conjunction with the government of Manitoba as well as The Department of Economic Development and Training. The Manitoba government has established a mechanism to approve this COVID-19 plan to welcome international students to Living Word Bible College, we are currently waiting for the approval.