"My name is Sergii Tkachuk,

I graduated in 2015. For me that was a really good experience to study in Living World Bible College.  When I came to Canada I couldn’t speak English at all, at the college I did learn English and the Word of God.  I met there a lot of friends.  We did go through the lots of challenges and we became one family.  That was the best experience I ever had.  At the college I got married, so it is so special place for me.  College is a big piece of our life in our family.  College is the place where I started preaching.  College is the place when you have time to think about your life and what you want to do in your life.  This is a good opportunity to serve.  I used that knowledge I received in the college every day in my life.   People who work there became my family and it’s so special and important when you are by yourself in a different country and far away from home.  When I look back I can’t imagine my life without that experience that I had in the college and I so thankful to God for that."


Sergii Tkachuk

"Hi, my name is Yuliia Haletska and I graduated from Living Word Bible College 3 years ago. What can I say? When I was studying students had so much fun together, we loved to read and do homework together, we visited other churches in different cities, and also we had a choir and practice every week. We loved to sing, to visit seniors’ homes and made people happy seeing us. It is important to show that we are the light of this world not just by our words, but our work and we’ve done it. In my free time after study we played basketball, volleyball, soccer, we went to different lakes and cooked sausages. We were so united by spirit and our faith. God did so many miracles during that time, and we prayed every evening in prayer meetings, we prayed for each other, for our teachers, families, and blessed eating others and minister. From that time, I’ve met my friends, and here in Canada I have people that are close to me and we can spend our time by praying or playing. I thank God that sent me to this college and transformed my life from hearing the Word to work by the Word, from believing to practicing my faith, from hope to trust. I am happy that I met my teachers, all of them became so special for me, and their stories of life can teach students a lot. Everyone is trying to help you; you will never be alone. After my graduation I am still in touch with the students, I still read the Bible and learn new things and I am still deeply loving my God. And I learned something very important though, especially in times like now, when you don’t have confidence in the future:” Why do we need to fear our future if God is already there?” I would wish everyone to have your focus on Jesus and your eternal life, don’t be tempted by this world, it’s not worth your time. Always remember that God will protect you from anything that will happen if you will be with Him in everything that happens now. Be blessed!"